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Ha Ha Tonka State Park and surrounding area.
Photo circa 1970s. Ha Ha Tonka State Park


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GeoSTRAT – Geosciences Technical Resource Assessment Tool

Find locations of springs, mines, sinkholes and more using the Missouri Geosciences Technical Resource Assessment Tool.  GeoSTRAT is a Web application that makes geologic and hydrologic data readily available for public use.  GeoSTRAT enables users to easily visualize and explore geospatial data using an interactive map.  Data also can be downloaded in formats compatible with a variety of free and commercial mapping software.  GeoSTRAT can be used in the office or in the field.

Oil and Gas Permits Database

Sinkholes in Missouri Access the oil and gas database to locate permits for more than 12,000 wells.  Well status includes under construction, active, inactive, plugged and abandoned. The Missouri Geological Survey is responsible, in part, for activities associated with the exploration, production and subsurface storage of oil and gas in Missouri.  A portion of these responsibilities include reviewing, approving and maintaining applications to drill oil and gas production wells, underground injection control wells (enhanced oil recovery, disposal and hydrocarbon storage wells).



Downhole Stratigraphic and Geophysical Logs Database

Downhole Stratigraphic and Geophysical Logs DatabaseThe Missouri Geological Survey is responsible for the collection and archival of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information relating to oil and gas wells in Missouri. The stratigraphic and geophysical log database represents a complete historical accumulation of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information collected by the Survey, excluding the information contained in the Logmain database. Although the majority of information was acquired from boreholes associated with the oil and gas industry, boreholes related to other sources are in the stratigraphic and geophysical logs database. The database contains approximately 4,100 individual logs. The oldest information in the database dates back to 1939, representing approximately 75 years of stratigraphic and geophysical downhole information.

Celebrating 40 years of taking care of Missouri's natural resources

This year marks the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' 40th anniversary of taking care of Missouri's natural resources.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of many, we have made significant improvements to our state's air, land and water quality. With your help, we've been able to help improve Missouri's natural resources and public health giving us all great reason to pause and celebrate a successful 40th anniversary.

We will continue to work together to provide all Missourians a healthy environment in which to live, work and enjoy the outdoors. Learn more and be sure to enter our photo contest.

Sinkhole Collapse

Sinkholes in Missouri Sinkholes are depressed or collapsed areas formed by dissolution of carbonate bedrock or collapse of underlying caves. They range in size from several square yards to hundreds of acres and may be very shallow or hundreds of feet deep. Sinkholes are part of what is called “karst” topography, which also includes caves, springs and losing streams. We provide assistance to the citizens of Missouri by evaluating the causes and impacts of sinkhole formation and collapse.  Geologists perform geologic and hydrologic evaluation to determine if collapse is attributed to a natural karst feature or is associated with the failure of a man-made feature.  Learn more.


Geothermal Investigations-Oil and Gas Resources-Protecting Drinking Water

Geothermal Investigations-Oil and Gas Production-Protecting Drinking Water

Mineral Resources-McCracken Core Library-Earthquakes

Mineral Resources-McCracken Core Library and Research Center-Earthquakes in Missouri

Missouri Caves and Springs-Environmental Geology-Missouri Fossils

Missouri Caves-Environmental Geology-Missouri Fossils

Geological Survey--Missouri Geology Store-Ask a Geologist

Geological Survey--Missouri Rock and Mineral Set-Ask A Geologist

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