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Buchanan County National Register Listings

Buchanan County Courthouse and Jail, Courthouse Sq., St. Joseph (8/21/72; boundary decrease 8/02/78)

Buchanan County Infirmary, 3500 N. Village Dr., St. Joseph (1/29/09)

Buddy, Charles A. and Annie, House (St. Joseph MPS), 424 S. 9th St., St. Joseph (5/14/04)

Burnside-Sandusky Gothic House, 720 S. 10th St., St. Joseph (1/19/05)

Cathedral Hill Historic District (map [see note]), North 9th Street, Powell Street and North 13th Street, St. Joseph (6/15/00)

Central / North Commercial Historic District (map; [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by N 4th, Main, Francis and Robidoux Sts., St. Joseph (3/08/91)

Central Police Station, 701 Messanie, St. Joseph (11/05/09)

Century Apartments (St. Joseph MPS), 627 N. 25th Street, St. Joseph (7/5/01)

Christian Sachau Saloon (Frederick Avenue MRA [see note*]), 1613-1615 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph (10/25/85)

City Hose Company #9 (Frederick Avenue MRA [see note*]), 2217 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph (10/25/85)

Corby-Forsee Building, 5th and Felix Sts., St. Joseph (3/27/80)

Dewey Avenue-West Rosine Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bound by Prospect Ave., Auguste St., Dewey Avenue and West Rosine St., St. Joseph (8/01/02)

Eckel, Edmond Jacques, House, 515 N 4th St., St. Joseph (1/31/80)

Everett School (St. Joseph MPS AD), 826 S 14th St., Saint Joseph (9/15/05)

Fenton, Enoch Madison, House, SE of Rushville (4/12/82; demolished)

Geiger, Dr. Jacob, House (Frederick Avenue MRA [see note*]), 2501 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph (3/12/86)

German-American Bank Building (First Federal Building, American National Bank Building), 624 Felix St., St. Joseph (11/24/78)

Hall Street Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Isadore, Corby, 6th and 9th Sts., St. Joseph (7/17/79)

Harris Addition Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by 16th St, Dalton St., 22nd St. and Edmond St., St. Joseph (1/13/03)

Herbert, Alois, Double House (St. Joseph MPS AD), 620 S. 10th St., St. Joseph (5/29/07)

James, Jesse, House, 12th St. and Mitchell Ave., St. Joseph (9/04/80)

Kelley and Browne Flats (St. Joseph MPS), 1208-1216 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph (8/03/89)

Kemper Addition Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), portions of Clay, Union, Kemper and Bon Ton Sts., St. Joseph (9/20/02)

King's Hill Archaeological Site, St. Joseph (4/16/69)

Krug Park Place Historic District (map [see note],  St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by St. Joseph Ave., Myrtle St., Clark St., and Magnolia Ave., St. Joseph (8/01/02)

Lawler Motor Co. Building  (St. Joseph MPS AD), 1224 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph (1/08/09)

Livestock Exchange Building, 601 Illinois Ave., St. Joseph (4/20/04)

Logan, John Sublett Jr. and Caroline Ashton, House (St. Joseph MPS AD), 1906 N. 22nd St., Saint Joseph (5/07/07)

"Maple Grove" (Joseph Davis House), 2100 N 11th St., St. Joseph (10/16/74)

Market Square Historic District (map [see note]), roughly bounded by Edmond, Felix, N 3rd Sts. and Market Pl., St. Joseph (2/17/72)

McIntyre-Burri House ( St. Joseph MPS ), 808 N. 24th St., Saint Joseph (12/23/05)

Miller, Issac, House, 3003 Ashland Ave., St. Joseph (9/17/80)

Miller-Porter-Lacy House, 2912 Frederick Blvd., St. Joseph (9/09/82)

Missouri Theater and Missouri Theater Building, 112-128 S 8th and 713-721 Edmond St., St. Joseph (10/11/79)

Missouri Valley Trust Company Historic District, Felix and 4th Sts., St. Joseph (3/04/75)

Mount Mora Cemetery, 824 Mount Mora Rd., St. Joseph (7/19/06)

Museum Hill Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by 9th, Francis, 12th, Jules, 15th and Messanie Sts., St. Joseph (3/08/91)

Museum Hill Historic District (boundary increase; St. Joseph MPS AD), 321 and 323 N. 15th and 1510 Faraon St., St. Joseph (8/05/09)

Neely Elementary School, 1909 S. 12th St., St. Joseph (6/23/14)

Nelson-Pettis Farmsteads Historic District, 4401 Ajax Rd., 3412 Pettis Rd., St. Joseph (5/11/95)

Patee John, House, 12th and Penn Sts., St. Joseph (10/15/66; NHL 11/05/61)

Patee Town Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by Penn St., S. 11th St., Lafayette St. and S. 15th St., St. Joseph (8/01/02)

Pleasant Ridge School, St. Joseph vicinity (5/02/85)

Pony Express Stables (Pike's Peak Stables), 914 Penn St., St. Joseph (4/03/70)

Richardson, John D., Dry Goods Co. (American Electric Co.), 300 N 3rd St., St. Joseph (4/12/82)

Robidoux Hill Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by Franklin St., Robidoux St., Fourth St., Louis St., and Fifth St., St. Joseph (8/03/89)

Robidoux Row, 219-225 E Poulin St., St. Joseph (3/07/73)

Robidoux School (Junior College Archive Building), 201 S 10th St., St. Joseph (8/11/83)

Ryan Block (St. Joseph MPS AD), 1137-1141 Frederick Ave., St. Joseph (1/29/13)

St. Joseph City Hall (Frederick Avenue MRA [see note*]), Frederick at 11th St., St. Joseph (10/25/85)

St. Joseph Park and Parkway System (St. Joseph MPS), roughly, along Northwest, Northeast, Corby Grove, Southwest and A Pkwys. and Noyes Blvd. from Krug Park to Hyde Park, St. Joseph (1/20/95)

St. Joseph Public Library-Carnegie Branch, 316 Massachusetts St., St. Joseph (5/20/99)

St. Joseph Public Library (Free Public Library, Public Museum, Public Library, Board of Education Building), 10th and Felix Sts., St. Joseph (9/20/82)

St. Joseph's Commerce and Banking Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by Francis, Edmond, Third, and Ninth streets, St. Joseph (7/5/01)

South Fourth Street Commercial Historic District (map [see note]; St. Joseph MPS), roughly bounded by S 3rd, S 5th, Charles and Messanie Sts., St. Joseph (3/08/91)

Sugar Lake State Park Open Shelter (ECW Architecture in Missouri State Parks 1933-1942 TR), Lewis and Clark State Park, Rushville vicinity off MO 138 (also see: Barry, Camden, Dallas, Dent, Franklin, Grundy, Johnson, Laclede, Lincoln, Miller, Monroe, St. Louis, Saline, Washington, and Wayne Counties) (2/28/85)

Thompson-Brown-Sandusky House, 207 E Cliff St., St. Joseph (2/10/83)

Virginia Flats, 516-518 and 520-528 N 10th St., St. Joseph (5/21/92)

Vosteen-Hauck House, 913 N 2nd St., St. Joseph (9/23/82)

Western Tablet and Stationery Co., Building #2 (St. Joseph MPS AD), 1300 S 12th St., St. Joseph (8/16/07)

Wholesale Row (map [see note]), bounded by Jules, 3rd, 4th and Francis Sts., St. Joseph (9/19/77)

Wyeth Flats (Frederick Avenue MRA [see note*]), San Regis Apartments, 1015-1031 Faraon, St. Joseph (10/25/85)

*Each bold-faced link in the list above leads to a word-searchable PDF of the NATIONAL REGISTER NOMINATION for that resource; other links provide maps or additional context for the resource. The items may be downloaded (right-click) or viewed in your Web browser (double-click). File sizes range from 1 MB to several hundred MB, the time required for loading will depend on your connection speed. You may obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader software required to read the materials by visiting our Help page.

*Please note that the maps and nominations reflect the terms used to categorize significance at the time the properties were listed in the National Register. A district or building that may have been determined to be a contributing element in a district when it was listed in the National Register may have been so altered since that point that it is no longer a certified historic district or a certified historic structure for the purposes of historic rehabilitation tax credits — this determination is made based on the nomination supplemented by recent photographs provided with the Part 1 (federal) or Part 1a (state) form submitted at the beginning of any historic rehab tax credit project.  Also note that Thematic Resource (TR) and Multiple Resource Area (MRA) nominations were essentially survey documents; ONLY the individual properties or districts listed on this Web page were actually listed in the National Register. Finally, nominations for some properties and districts are provided for their historical value -- the resource itself may have vanished.

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